Welcome to Maplebeanz Playhouses

Our dream is to enrich the imagination of every child. As a child reaches the age of 3, pretend play would be at its peak. Your daughter’s teddy bear would now cook at the kitchen, dress up to different adult roles, or take care of a little baby. Your son’s dinosaur would fight many battles, eat home cook meals, and act as a big brother to the other toys.

We believe that a playhouse would be a gift that forever will be in their memories. Its mere presence in your backyard would have a huge impact. Think of it as personal space for your child’s imagination. It is place where he or she strengthens her communication skills. A training ground for the challenges of adulthood may give.

The wooden playhouse will be the best surprise birthday gift. It is the greatest gift a parent or a grandparent can give. It comes with kits and plans that a do-it-yourself person would love to have. Your kids would proudly tell their friends, “My dad built this!”

The fabric playhouse is perfect for indoor imaginative plays. It will spice up vacation trips. It is portable and easy to carry. It is a fantastic tent for your camping adventures. We have a variety of creative design to choose from. May it be a barn to a farmer, pink house to a fairy, garage to a car lover, and a toy store to a businessman.

The playhouse bunk beds will make your kids stay at home and no more kids running out of the house. It will make you have a closer relationship with your kids. The creative designs will give you and your family a good night sleep.

Make role-playing more fun. Make your garden more fabulous. Make your child’s imagination spark.

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